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    about aggregation

    udayatom Newbie

      Hello friends,


                   In RHQ, parent  resource is average the all children values in accurately and defaultly. But my need is adding values of  child all values in the parent summary. how to i achieve the adding values on alone. Because RHQ does perfectly average, I hope adding too. how to friends. My problem is counting the users of all child resources. And Where the place it consider the calculation.

      is it possible to add??





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          jay shaughnessy Expert

          I think you're talking about AutoGroups, right?  Meaning, the tree nodes representing children of the same type, for a parent.   Groups, in general, provide Average, minimum, maximum for metrics of the group members.  Summation (total) of metric values, is not, I think, desired in general and therefore not presented.  You could create an enhancement request for this (in Bugzilla) but Im not sure it will be accepted because it will generate more back-end processing, more presentation-lvel work, etc.


          Instead, you could calculate this data on your own via a custom client or script, using the remote APIs.

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            udayatom Newbie

                I am sorry jay. that time our friends are not replied me. so that i asked multiple time. dont mistake me. That is not doubt, That is my need(I am urgent). So i posted mutliple different view of question. Thank you. Now i understand that buzzword is "AutoGroups". 

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              udayatom Newbie

              can you point out, where to, how to done those processes(minimum, maximum for metrics of the group members).