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    Best practices in how to create TimerTasks in a JBoss ESB Service

    Max Werner Newbie

      Hey folks,


      I am developing a Monitoring Service as an ESB Service on JBoss AS 5.1 with JBoss ESB 4.11 deployed.

      I want to integrate a Watchdog, which checks e.g every 10 minutes if a message was received by certian clients. The clients are Smart Meters, which will send measurements to my Monitoring Service.

      The Watchdog should check all Smart Meters if they have send a message to the Monitoring Service during the last 10 minutes. If a Smart Meter did not send anything, it will be marked as offline.

      I read that it is not a good practice to create threads on my own in JBoss. but i couldn't find any solution to my problem specifially to JBoss ESB Services.

      Is there maybe an ESB Action that will tigger an Object every 10 min. or somethig like that?


      Thank you very much in advance!


      regards Max