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    CMR with xdoclet

    Wolfgang Sacharzki Newbie

      Hi there,

      was anyone able to create an unidirectional 1:1 CMR with an according field in the value object?
      I couldn't find any working example (I'm new to XDoclet, but I could already make an unidirectional 1:n CMR work - even I had to exchange the generated <key-fields/> nodes within jbosscmp-jdbc.xml from ONE to MANY side and the other way around).

      The relation should be as follows:

      User (PK: User.id) ----(1:1)----> Account (FK: Account.user_id_fk)

      Here's the (latest) XDoclet code I tried:

      In UserEJB class:

      * @ejb.interface-method
      * @ejb.transaction type = "supports"
      * @ejb.value-object
      * compose = ".AccountValue"
      * compose-name = "AccountView"
      * members = ".AccountLocal"
      * members-name = "Account"
      * relation = "external"
      * match="normal"
      * @ejb.relation
      * name = "user-account"
      * role-name = "user-has-account"
      * target-ejb = "Account"
      * target-role-name = "account-belongs-to-user"
      * target-cascade-delete = "true"
      * @jboss.relation
      * fk-constraint = "true"
      * related-pk-field = "id"
      * fk-column = "user_id_fk"
      public abstract AccountLocal getAccount();
      public abstract void setAccount(AccountLocal accounts);

      The XDoclet generation succeeds but the UserCMP class contains errors.

      I also tried out other 'combinations' of the tags, but either the XDoclet generation fails or the generated code contains errors.

      When I ommit the 'compose/compose-name' attributes in '@ejb.value-object' tag (I think it's used only? for 1:n CMRs - am I right?) the type of the account field within UserValue class is AccountLocal (I would expect the type AccountValue) and the UserData class contains errors.

      So I'm really helpless - I could change the generated code until it would work - but I think that's not the intention of XDoclet.

      I'm using XDoclet 1.2b2 and JBoss 3.0.4

      Would be nice if someone could help...
      Thanks in advance,