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    how to add the values of child resources in summary

    udayatom Newbie

      hello RHQ,


                 In RHQ put the average values in summary of all the child resource metrics values. but how to done it addition values in summary. I can do manually, but how to done it total of values in summary defaultly.


      My question is, In RHQ(Filesystem menu)  calculates the USED DISK SPACE in appropriate partitions put some values. but the whole summary show average of all. Is it possible to total of all USED DISK SPACE.




      My problem is: I have five customers(5) every customers(5) have children(2). In RHQ the two children are Total Email and Total User, I  got the all values in clicking of respective customers. but I click parent of all customers the all values in summay board displayed average of all customers' Total Emails and Total Users. But my need is Total of all customers' Total Emails and Total Users. This is my problem how to done it. Please Help me. I need Total alone.