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    How to view component properties after they are bound?

    Put Time Newbie

      Suppose I had promoted a bean service and had added a "JMS" binding.

      While adding the binding, I would have set some properties.


      Later, if I want to see or edit those properties, I couldn't figure out a way of doing it.

      The only way I could see the properties is to see the XML view.


      But I want to see the graphical view of the properties that I had set.


      Is there any way of doing this?

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          Keith Babo Master

          Click on the composite service where you added the binding and then look at the Properties tab in the bottom frame of your editor.  You should see a list of bindings for the service there and you can click on each one to view it's configuration.  I assume that's what you are referring to as "properties" in your question.  If you are talking about defining name/value properties for property substitution, they are available in the same location but you would click on the composite (big blue box) instead.