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    Unable connect to Firefox on port 7055 during Selenium test

    Petr Mensik Newbie

      I recently ran into this exception, I know it is usually connected with old version of Selenium which doesn't support newest Firefox, so I updated to 2.32.0 and it is still not working.


      Full stack trace can be found on http://pastebin.com/Q4iJsaFK.


      My arquillian.xml lookes like


              <property name="deploymentExportPath">target/</property>



          <container qualifier="jbossportal-remote" default="true">



          <extension qualifier="graphene">

              <property name="browser">*firefox</property>

              <property name="contextRoot">http://localhost:8080/</property>

              <property name="seleniumTimeoutAjax">7000</property>

              <property name="seleniumMaximize">true</property>

              <property name="seleniumPort">8444</property>

              <property name="seleniumHost">localhost</property>



          <extension qualifier="webdriver">

              <property name="browserCapabilities">firefox</property>



      I also use Graphene and Drone extensions for functional testing. I also attach my pom.xml in case it will be any help.


      Thanks for any help.