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    s:graphicImage does not work properly in Seam 3

    Tim Biegeleisen Newbie


         The <s:graphicImage> tag is a Seam 2 tag which allows you to pull an image from a byte stream, which of course can ultimately come from Hibernate, etc.  I am currently building a web application with Seam 3 and JBoss AS 7.1.


         The thing is, I have reason to believe that I am missing a critical servlet which handles the tag.  The servlet is org.jboss.seam.servlet.SeamResourceServlet is present in Seam 2.  The catch here is that I'm using Seam 3 with some Weld extensions.  I am hoping that there is some dependency I can include in my project's POM file and will then allow the tag to work correctly.


         For reference, the tag does not work at all right now.  I actually changed the getter method which my tag references to a method which manually opens a JPEG in the bean, and sends the byte stream over.  Seam 3 ends up putting this byte stream into the source attribute of the image tag, but no image renders.  My guess is that it doesn't know what else to do.


         Has anyone used the <s:graphicImage> tag with Seam 3?  I already know how to use it in Seam 2, but that's not my issue here.