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    container independent datasource jndi name in persistence.xml

    Jean-Philippe Steck Newbie



      I'm setting up a prototype application that has to be container independent, as far as possible.

      I started with Jboss-as-7.1.1, and now I'm trying to migrate this prototype to Glassfish 3.


      First problem I found is the jndi name of the datasource used in my persistence.xml file.

      In JBoss, I have declared a datasource with the jndi name "java:jboss/datasources/MyDS" in standalone.xml. And I use that name "java:jboss/datasources/MyDS" in persistence.xml.

      Now in Glassfish, the declared datasource is "jdbc/MyDS". If I change my persistence.xml to "jdbc/MyDS", everything works.

      But I can't set a jndi name with a ":" in Glassfish, so I have to touch something to the JBoss side.


      But how can I use the same persistence.xml file for both application server ?


      What I've done is to change the datasource definition in jboss standalone.xml :

      I defined a "java:/jdbc/MyDS" datasource with use-java-context="false"


      And now it's working on both JBoss and Glassfish with the same exact persistence.xml file, having the jta-datasource set to "jdbc/MyDS".


      My question : is it the right way to achieve this portability ?

      What is the exact consequence of use-java-context=false ? I read that it makes the datasource available to an external client. Does it implies security issues ?


      My next step will be to test the portability of using a JMS Queue, and then other app server.

      Has anyone such experience to share about application server portability ?