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    CMP and Postgres woes

    John M. Nordgaard Newbie

      Hi all,

      Trying to get CMP to work with PostgreSQL 7.2 using table auto-creation. Everything is working swell except for one weird problem: The table for the first of my 5 entity beans is created absolutely correct, but for the remaning 4 i get a message like Table '...' already exists. Well, not only do these tables not exist, but I've set the remove-table tag to true so even if the tables did in fact exist they should be recreated on each redeployment. I suspected that some JBoss bug caused the last four tables to be created in Hypersonic instead of Postgres, but the problem persists even after I've deleted the both the hsql service and the corresponding jar files from the lib/ directory. I have also run validation against the jbosscmp-jdbc DTD, just in case.

      Anyone have a clue what I might be up against here? All suggestions are gratefully accepted! :)