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    infinispan and failover

    Nossair Faquihi Newbie


      i have installed mod cluster with apache and JBoss 7 and apache.

      the problem is that the response time is so long.


      when i drop


      <cache-container name="web" aliases="standard-session-cache" default-cache="repl">

                          <transport lock-timeout="60000"/>

                          <replicated-cache name="repl" mode="ASYNC" batching="true">



                          <replicated-cache name="sso" mode="SYNC" batching="true"/>

                          <distributed-cache name="dist" mode="ASYNC" batching="true">





      the response time become well but i have no failover.


      can any bady have any idea to have a goor time response and the failover.



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          Martin Gencur Novice

          Hi Nossair,

          in my opinion, the biggest time consumer is the <file-store/> which is synchronous and so all the data that is written to the memory is also written to disk at the same time. Is it crucial for your application? Cannot you remove it or at least make it asynchronous (write-behind attribute)?



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            Nossair Faquihi Newbie

            thanks Martin.


            i remove it, but i still have a big response time.


            the thing that i see, is when one server turn, all seem fine and i have a goor time response. but when i turn on two server, the time reponse is so long. so i think that the share of data between servers that cause this problem.

            what do you think?

            there is a way to say what servers share? the objects shared between servers.


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              Martin Gencur Novice

              What does it mean "big response time" ? How many ops/s do you see? You can see an order of magnitude difference in response times when there's a replication over network as opposed to local mode where everything is stored in local memory.  You can't say what to replicate to the other server unless you use AtomicHashMap or another implementation of DeltaAware interface but that's probably not what you are looking for.

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                Nossair Faquihi Newbie

                if i dont use cache web, i have a page that can be charged at 1s. but if i activate cache web the page is charged at least at 40s (that is a big response time for me. i'm not in a production env).


                how can i manage the infinispan cache? how can i see what objects are in the cache?

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                  Martin Gencur Novice

                  This is really strange. The replication cannot normally take so long. It does not seem like a problem of replication but it's hard to say anything else without detailed logs and more information about the usage. ....You can see a few statistics of the cache over JMX - like number of entries in it. But you won't see individual entries and their values.