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    Which JBOSS AS Will Suit for me?



      From past 4 years, i am working on a Java Enterprise Project.


      Already we had developed our application on Tomcat 6 Server.


      And my project Cofigurations are as below :


      SOFTWARE                      -         VERSION

      JDK                                              :  1.6.x

      Project compilence level                 :  1.5

      JAVA EE                                      :   5.0

      STRUTS                                       :   2.1.8

      SPRING                                        :  1.2.9

      JPA                                              :   1.0

      Oracle TopLink Essentials version   :  2.0


      Apache Tomcat                              :  6.x

      Eclipse                                          : 3.5.2


      Database                                       : MSSQL 2008 / Oracle 11g



      But now we need to migrate this existing product from Tomcat to JBOSS.


      I am very new to JBOSS.


      So, i have two problems.


      1) i need a JBOSS AS which should be free of cost.

      2) Which jboss version will be compitable for my project.



      Please help me to get the solution.


      Any suggest will be appreciated.


      Thanks in Advance.