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    Double <head> and <body>-Tag using Richfaces ajax only on JBoss not on WebSphere

    giofyxle Newbie



      I use JSF 1.2 together with facelets and richfaces3.3.3FINAL for ajax functionality.

      The App is deployed on JBoss and on WebSphere.


      Now I realise, that on every page where a4jsf (richfaces) is used, there is a second <head>-tag and a second <body>-tag added to the DOM via javascript:




      <head> ...my data </head>

      <body> ...my data </body>



          <script xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">









      (The  blue Tags are inserted on my JBoss apps via javascript. I.e. I can see the tags in the Dom but not n the document source.)




      This happens only when the App is deployed on JBoss. With the WAS-deployments I cannot find this feature.


      I also can see, that this additional tags are added by a Javascript file:




      And I can see, that theese js-files differ in JBoss and in WAS:


      for example:


      On JBoss i starts with:


      function Sarissa(){};Sarissa.VERSION="${project.version}";...


      On WebSphere it starts with:


      function Sarissa(){}



      So I assume, that there is a missing setting on my JBoss environment.



      How can I fix this, so that my JBoss environment will work the same?