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    Migration of my application from Glassfish 2.1. to JBoss 7.1.3 -Related to user shared lib

    Karthikeyan Subramanian Newbie

      Good day!

      My application is running fine in Glass fish 2.1. It is .ear file. I am using more configuration file like xsl,xsd,apache log4j xml and some property files to my application. So I have created shared library in my disk say C:/SharedLib and put all my configuration files in this location. In glassfish I will give this location in my Application Server-->JVM settings-->path settings --> Classpath prefix ---> C:/SharedLib


      I will use all the property files,jar files and xsl,xsd from that location(C:/SharedLib. My application (.ear ) contains ejb and war file.


      My question is how i can use same configuration in my Jboss 7.1.3? Is there any way without changing my code in my application .ear?