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    RichFaces serialization/deserialization code location

    diegocn Newbie



      I want to use RichFaces with a binary protocol instead of JSON (if you want to discuss the viability of this please not in this topic), probably AMF

      ou BSON, but Im new to RichFaces, and I cant find the JavaScript local code responsable for the ser/desr of the JSON and probably pass it to XHR.


      If anyone can guide-me to find this, probably I can port it, and server side would be more easy.


      Thanks in advance,



      Edit: I think I find it at JSFAJAX.js but only in 3.3.3 i can't find in 4.x


      Edit: Snipping the traffic seems a bunch of protocols, majority of URL query encoded for sending, and XML responses, even big tables using XML,

      unfortunetelly. Thanks again. (If anyone disagree please tellme).