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    Is this normal? : Server log filling up with "Creating RulesRepository with default username"

    Andy McC Newbie



      I've just noticed that the server log is filling up with lines like these:


      17:59:36,579 WARN  [org.drools.guvnor.server.repository.RulesRepositoryManager] (http-- Creating RulesRepository with default username.

      17:59:36,584 INFO  [stdout] (http-- =============== session-guest-2305

      17:59:36,586 INFO  [stdout] (http-- =============== session-guest-2305


      Is this normal? Is there a flag somewhere to turn this off?


      (Looks like the same issue as Why JBPM5.4 full installer demo keeps writing Creating RulesRepository in server.log?)




      Andy McC


      jBPM 5.4.0.Final, Eclipse Helios, Windows 7 & 8