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    Sending Java Objects using RemoveInvoker

    Kostas Papageorgiou Newbie

      In my current project, I am writing an integration test to for a switchyard application.For this integration test, I am using org.switchyard.remote.http.HttpInvoker in order to invoke a bean service I am exposing through switchyard.

      The problem occurs when I try to send a java object that includes a non-JavaBean, in particular a java.util.UUID object (UUID does not have an empty constructor).

      What I notice is that in the message that arrives in the switchyard bean service the uuid field is always null,so the serializer doesn't seem to work properly.

      Is there a workaround to this? Can I somehow extend the serializer to handle this case?


      I am attaching as example a modified version of quickstarts/remote-invoker , that contains a java.util.UUID. In the example , the unit tests seem to work properly, though when deploying the example on jboss and running the RemoteClient.java (which uses the invoker) , the error occurs.

      The version of switchyard I am using is 0.8.Final.