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    jtds and EAP 6.1.0

    Daniel Wehrle Newbie

      How i have to configure EAP 6.1.0 to use latest version of jtds. jtds only supports JDBC3. Hibernate 4.2.x uses JDBC4 methods. Is there any way to say hibernate to use only JDBC3 methods?


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          C. T. Newbie

          Extending the comment from Daniel, we know the "alternative" is to use the MSFT JDBC driver for SQL Server (which is JDBC 4 compliant). However, our tests with EAP 6.0.1 (well not EXACTLY EAP 6.0.1, but rather this: https://github.com/hasalex/eap-build which patches the maven build to pull the dependencies from the public repositories rather than the *-redhat-1 repositories), we noted considerable performance differences between the jdts and the msft driver:


          On a specific page in our app (ejb3, hibernate, wicket 6, running on the same server, connecting to the same DB) doing a large number of select statements, the msft jdbc driver was a factor of 1,5+ slower (2,3 vs 3,8 sec.).


          The the following thread on the jdts site and general feedback from the community also seem to speak against this:


          Measurably poor performance with our app, "flaky" network performance, thread locks, etc. mean that the msft driver is not a real alternative for our systems.