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    ERROR : No Metrics available

    Arun Raj Expert

      Hi Developers,


          I have created two plugins. In that plugins my metrics are same, but changed datatypes. One is with trait datatype and another with dynamic datatype. Trait datatype is working fine. But Dynamic datatype is putting error like no metrics available.


      What are all the reasons for No metrics available ERROR:



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          Arun Raj Expert

          Hi All,


             I have fixed this error. This error will happens completely based on your plugin or RHQ Server Console.


          Your Plugin :


                  If it is your plugin please check out agent error log. Because It could be anything.


          RHQ Server Console :


                  Please check Schedules > tables tab;

                  In that tables tab, If you does not receive min , max , avg values, But you are receiving values in Last.

          Please check BaseLine in RHQ.( In my case, this is the problem.)