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    Runtime jar loading with JBoss 7.1.1 Final

    execretor Newbie

      Hi guys, i have a little problem with runtime jar loading. My jboss structure is:






              libinterface.jar (core.interfaces.myinterface)






              core.ear (in manifest i have "Dependencies: core.interfaces.myinterface")






      If I create a new class into core.ear that implements myinterface, all is ok.


      But, if I want to create an external .jar (libiec101.jar) that implements myinterface and call it dynamically from my core.ear, it don't function correctly (Class not found with myinterface interface)

      Also If i try to deploy libiec101.jar into Jboss and load it from core.ear, it don't function correctly.



      How can I load external jar that use a jboss module interface? I cannot deploy libiec101.jar as module because it's a plugin system.