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    Attribute ajaxRendered in r:focus

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      test ITFocusAjaxRendered.when_there_are_inputs_with_tabindex_then_the_lowest_tabindex_will_obtain_focus() [1] fails and I'm trying to understand whether it's a bug in test or in component. In this test, r:focus has attribute ajaxRendered set to false (default value is true).


      1. First, input2 is clicked and then whole form is rerendered so no input should be focused but first one is focused. Is this correct behavior?
      2. Test's name says that there are inputs with tabindex but they don't have tabindex set.


      I can fix test but I need to know how it is expected to work and whether tabindex is necessary in this use-case.




      [1] https://github.com/richfaces/richfaces5/blob/master/framework/src/test/integration/org/richfaces/ui/focus/ITFocusAjaxRendered.java