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    Object doesn't support property or method 'fireEvent' + IE8 + richfaces 3.3

    Rahul Razdan Newbie





      1. Richfaces 3.3
      2. Internet Explorer 8
      3. JSF 1.2


      Scenario :-


      I have multiple checkboxes and for each, i have assigned

      <a4j:support/> tag for onchange event to reRender the component.


      Behaviour :-


      MOZILLA & IE9 :- As expected.


      IE8 :-


      I'm getting "Object doesn't support property or method 'fireEvent' "

      from richfaces_impl_3.3.Final.jar

      prototype.js file




      if (document.createEvent) {


            } else {

              element.fireEvent(event.eventType, event); // error line



      now due to above error

      ajax for checkbox button is not working properly , ajax calls are happening but they are random , sometime they will work then if i click again it will not work .

      ajaz calls are unpredictable , .....




      As per the network tab URL capturing of IE8


      1. clicked on first checkbox - Nothing will happen. (Nothing displayed in URL capture)

      2. clicked on second checkbox  , Ajax call happened.( Data came in tab showing ajax requests timing and server response). wait time : <1ms

      3. clicked on second again nothing happened .

      4. clicked on first again . this time ajax call happen , network tab shows the request information , wait time < 10.67 sec .

      so my first click started the ajax request but was on wait and it got fired on the second click . WHY ??????


      This behaviour is only with IE8 not in IE9 and FF.

      How i can fix this issue ?????

      I have seen this as a known issue .


      Please provide the help .....Any ideas are also welcome.

      any help will be greatly appreciated.....