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    unable  to expand a tree using a TreeRecursiveAdaptor model

    antonio gallo Newbie

      Hello, I am actually unable to make lazy loading work on a tree with a custom adaptor in my application.


      I suppose that using the recursive adaptor with toggleclient="ajax" lazy loading should show up when expanding nodes.


      But How can it be accomplished if there's no way to expand the tree?


      There's no plus sign near the node for expanding it.


      I also added the tree within a form but with the same result.


      I'm using richfaces 4.3.020120802-M1


      Can someone help me please?


      Thanks in advance.




      I also tried the code posted on the thread




      without any success.



      Is there any working example of tree node with recursiceadaptor expanding and performing lazy loading when expanding nodes?


      Please help me.