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    error storing cmp field that is a java class

    Morena Corradini Newbie

      using jboss 3.2.0RC1 I have found the following problem:

      -- I have an entity bean B with container managed persistency.

      -- It contains a field F of sql type OBJECT (a java class of my application), which is serialized when it is written on the corresponding database table.

      -- I change an integer field I of this class object

      -- Then I call the set method of bean B to store field F back to the database.

      -- The database is not correctly updated because if we retrieve field F the value of I is not changed.

      -- I have solved the problem using a clone of F before calling the set method of the bean B. The database is correctly updated that is if we retrieve F the value of I is changed.

      -- It seems that in the first case the server does not recognize that the field F is changed when one of its fields has been changed and so it does not store it back to the database. With a clone of F, which is a different object, it assumes that F is changed.

      -- In jbosscmp-jdbc file I have specified


      -- In jboss.xml I have specified
      <container-configuration extends="Standard CMP 2.x EntityBean">
      <container-name>EntityBean Container Configuration</container-name>

      Is this a known bug? Is it planned for new jboss 4 version?

      best regards