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    Problem with 3.0.6 Entity bean and Sybase

    Marc Zampetti Newbie

      I have a simple CMP Entity bean in jBoss 3.0.6. It contains two fields, the username and their role. The table contains the same two fields. I have sucessfully used the findAll() method to retrieve all of the objects from the database. When I go to create new row, the database throws an exception about the username field not allowing nulls. I've turned on debugging, and the SQL generated by jBoss appears correct. It is using a PreparedStatement of the form:

      INSERT INTO user_table VALUES (?, ?)

      It appears that jBoss is not sending the parameters correctly. I am using Sybase ASE 12.5. I also generated all of the EJB code via XDoclet. Is there anything I need to do to get jBoss to work with Sybase ASE? Has anyone seen this?

      Any help greatly appreciated!!