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    issue with Fuse IDE graphical edition

    Julien Robinson Newbie

      Hi all,


      first, please tell me if this is not the place for this question. I have been to fuse's historical site and also to Red Hat's site, and can't really find any user forum to post it.


      I posted it in StackOverflow, here's my question on StackOverflow.


      Ok, here goes...

      Using Fuse IDE I have tried to add and remove authentication to a Camel application. For this I use the <policy> component. But the <policy> component should not be chained with other components, it should contain them (talking XML here). When I graphically edit the route, removing and then adding the component, the resulting XML is wrong.

      But when I create the application graphically from scratch, everything's fine.


      Question: am I missing something regarding graphical edition?

      Is there any way to remove and then add a policy component graphically?


      Thanks for any tips!