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    Rich4 Datatable does not refresh when Datascroller is in page 2

    Yaddif Medina Newbie



      I have a problem with my Datatable. I have a very simple list of objects that show in a DataTable, when I pass to the second page (using DataScroller) it shows some records. I have a link that show a Modal in order to modify one of the records, when I finish the modifications (the record is changed), hide the panel and refresh the list from the DataBase .... the problem is that the DataTable still shows the record without modifications !!!! (as the list was not reload) .... when I click on the record modified again (that in the dataTable is nor show the changes) the modal show the new Data (that means that the List of objects is the new, but the DataTable does not show it).


      It only happens when the DataScroller is a page high than the first.


      I have tried with "render" in the DataScroller, in the button, with regions, in some <a4j:ajax> and nothing works .


      Thank you in advance for any help.