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    Can I modify the table of jdbc cache store for perceptible to user?

    verystrongjoe Newbie

      Hi, my client wants the gui that monitor a status of the data grid. So, I decided to use JOPR for that.

      but I knew that it is possible to watch not detail data information, but the number of data in datagrid.


      For watching detailed data in datagrid, I needed another way for that and stucked on this for long time.

      Finally I thought that my alternative is using thg jdbc cache store in databse.  -> (ISPN_BUCKET_TABLE_$CACHE_NAME)

      I will configure that databsae and datagrid have same data.

      because I will use passivation = true and distributed mode and set numowner as 1.


      BTW, What I want know is to customazie the data in cache sotre convert to perceptible data for

      showing data in GUI monitoring.


      thanks in advance..