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    RF 4.3.1 ExtendedDataTable Problem - Lingering Zeros

    Drew McLaughlin Newbie

      Hi All,


      First up props to the Richfacse team for reinstating the TableState functionality on the ExtendedDataTable, this is a big one for us so THANK YOU!!


      Secondly has anyone noticed a small quirk on the filtering for the ExtendedDataTable where 0 appears in an empty filter? It can be seen on all the tables in the application I develop as well as in the showcase.


      The problem can be reproduced by:


      1. Type a number into a numerical filter box.
      2. Press tab, the table will then filter.
      3. Delete the number you typed into the filter box, then press tab again.
      4. The table then "unfilters" but there is a zero left in the box.


      It's not huge deal but I would be very grateful to anyone who could suggest a solution!


      Many thanks!