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    change color for visited tabs using Richfaces3.3.0,css in jsf1.2

    Parkavi P Newbie

      How to change color for visited tabs using Richfaces,css in jsf1.2


      CSS Part:


      <style type="text/css">


              color: #669966;

              text-decoration: none;

              font-size: 14px;

              background: pink;






      <rich:tabPanel id="tabPanel" immediate="true" activeTabClass="activetabbgcolor">

                      <rich:tab id="tabPersonal" label="Personal" switchType="ajax" styleClass="tabbgcolor"


                          <a4j:include viewId="/pages/personal.jsp"/>







      Till here i have setted color for selected tabs and i need help to set color for all visited tabs!!!


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