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    Storing big size files

    mekatoka Newbie


      I am using JBoss 3.0.6, CMP 2.0, default HyperSonic database.

      I wanted to know a few things

      (1) If i have to store big sized objects, what is a better idea

      -> to store on to the file system and enter the file URL's into the database OR try to store the objects into the database as BLOBS

      (2) If we start storing the objects into the filesystem I feel that there is always a risk of someone tampering the data, and i dont want the data to be visible. In such a case what can we do ?

      (3) If i choose to store these huge objects into the database ... particularly Hypersonic, what are its limitations ? How big objects can i store in it, and do i need to make any changes in any of the jboss xml files ?

      (4) I also read in some forums that storing the data into files is away from the EJB spec .. is it right ?

      Any hints or pointers to places that explain these are very much appreciated


      Meka Toka