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    Designer characteristics

    Andy McC Newbie

      [My config - jBPM 5.4.0.Final, Windows Server, 7 and 8. Eclipse Helios and Juno]


      Where possible I'd like to use Designer in preference to the Eclipse editor but it has a number of features which I'm finding are "spoiling my enjoyment" and I wondered if they are likely to change in the next release.


      Please be assured, these are not complaints and my aim is constructive. Here goes:


      • On my Windows set-up, Script tasks may start life as multi-line text, but always seem to end up being collapsed onto a single line which is awkward to work with.
      • I've not yet been able to import an existing BPMN process using the Designer Import BPMN feature. I can do so using the Eclipse-Drools-Guvnor toolchain but direct import fails, even for diagrams created for jBPM 5.3.
      • After a few minutes of use I get a "Local history cleared" pop-up and after that point it appears very frequently and often intrusively. Although I can disable local history, it resets to "on" whenever I save my diagram which I tend to do quite frequently. Again this may be a quirk of my set-up but it quickly gets in the way.
      • On a more positive note, will we be able to define a template to be used by the automatic user task form generator? The current facility is very useful but it would be even better if I could include layouts specific to my project (company information, in-house styles etc.) My apologies if this feature already exists and I've just missed it!


      I wondered if these are likely to be addressed in the next release. I'm happy to raise Jira items if that's preferable.


      Best regards and thanks,


      Andy McC