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    unique constraint violated error though form data is valid

    Amit Jadhav Newbie

      I have a form - Workflow where there are fields like wfName, assignedUser, dueDate, turnAroundTime. etc.


      It is backed by an entity Workflow with a reference to the User entity as Many-to-One.


      When a change is made to the assignedUser field( it is an email address) and the form is submitted, I get a Unique-constraint violation error on the USER entity.


      I am not trying to achieve this. I only want to replace the User in the Workflow entity.


      The save function is performed by a Stateful session bean, with an EXTENDED persistence context.


      Am I missing something here? Is this the correct way to updated information in a referenced field?


      While setting the updated User I am doing



      User user = workflow.getUser();

      //This user has its email address changed on the screen so getting a fresh reference of the new user from the database.

      user = entitManager.createQuer("from User where email_address=:email_address").setParameter("email_address", user.getEmailAddress).getSingleResult();

      //This new found user is then put back into the Workflow entity.




      No exception is thrown at the time these lines are executed, but later in the logs I find that it threw a


      Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00001: unique constraint (PROJ.UK_USER_ID) violated


      There is no cascading configuration present in the entities.