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    dynamic QL and references

    Peter Schreiber Newbie


      i have some problems with a dynamicQL. If i want to use a relation in the query, I get this Errormessage:

      javax.ejb.FinderException: Error compiling ejbql: org.jboss.ejb.plugins.cmp.ejbql.UnknownPathException: In path cmr field is collection valued: at line 1, column 45. Encountered: "ean" after: "p."

      The generated DynamicQL is:

      SELECT OBJECT (p) FROM Artikel p WHERE p.ean.eanNo = ?1

      The relation from Artikel to Ean is one to many (one Artikel have many EANs)

      If i use fields within "Artikel" it works, but this relation don't work.

      Any ideas?

      Best regards