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    Problem with task forms timing out in the console when accessed over WAN (and other issues)

    Andy McC Newbie



      Following on from my earlier issue (Human task prompts for user credentials when accessed via WAN - I'd still be grateful for advice on this!)

      • I have set up jBPM on a server and if I access it across a LAN everything is fine
      • When I access it from the WAN all is fine except when I need to complete a task form
        • If I do this via the jBPM console (http://{mycompany IP}:8080/jbpm-console) the browser sits waiting and eventually I get a timeout message (I've tried chrome and firefox on three different machiines). This message reports the LAN IP address of the server.
        • If I do this via the REST interface (http://{mycompany IP}:8080/gwt-console-server/rs/form/task/{id}/render) in a separate browser tab I get the form rendered correctly and almost instantaneously (although I do get prompted for user credentials). Pressing the "complete" button seems to work OK
      • I have also noticed that in this configuration I cannot always open and edit BPMN processes in drools-guvnor. The server log contains "connection refused" errors.
      • It is puzzling as all of this was generally working last week (apart from the credentials thing above). I've double checked the server configuration and have asked our systems manager to check that router port settings etc are as they were.


      Can anyone offer any suggestions? I'm pretty sure it is related to the earlier user credentials issue (link above). Is there a step I may have missed in authorising remote users?


      Is there a way to change the timeout for human tasks (I'm using the default HornetQ set up but with host and port remapped)?


      Many thanks for any help or suggestions


      Andy McC