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    Infinispan physical layer (JGroups->UDP->IPoIB->Infiniband)

    Ben Cotton Newbie



      Our project has chosen Infinispan 5.x as our cache/grid provider.  Infinispan will sit in front of our back-end ExaData appliance that serves as our transactional data system of record.  Some questions:


      1.  Are all Infinispan's replication/distribution/coherency-heartbeat network I/O level (Socket/SocketChannel) operations implemented via provider=JGroups?


      2.  I see that JGroups directly supports transport/network layer provider=UDP/IP, so if I have a physical provider=Infiniband (replacing physical provider=Ethernet)  I assume that all my application code will work seamlessly, transparently, via the IP layer.  i.e.  I don't have to change any existing application code (nor Infinispan config) to use Infinispan (via JGroups) on physical provider=Infiniband.  Can you confirm this?


      3.  Does JGroups directly support a config of IPoIB?


      4.  Does JGroups on Java 7 directly support SDP (Socket Direct Protocol) and the NIO2 available AsynchronousSocketChannel API?


      5. We have a souped-up Linux stack that supports all of Java7/SDP,  IPoIB, and Infiniband's native VERBS library, is there *any* Java API bridge that Infinispan (over JGroups over Java7 over SDP)  exposes that will allow me to get directly to the native VERBS specific capabilities?  Or, is it more likely that (to get directly to the Infinispan-native VERBS capability API)  I will have to use a Java JNI bridge to the Linux libraries and OS system calls?