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    How to clone and WorkflowProcess object on jBPM5

    antmendoza Newbie


      I'm trying to clone and WorkflowProcess object but I didn't found any way to do it.


      That's because I need to modify a process  (adding HT Activities, etc..  through UI) how is associated with each instance on runtime, having as many process as process instances.


      I have tested some code like this,


               String xml = XmlRuleFlowProcessDumper.INSTANCE.dump(

                         workflowProcessImpl, true);

               WorkflowProcessImpl  workflowProcessImpl = readProcessFromXml(xml);



         where readProcessFromXml is


               SemanticModules modules = new SemanticModules();

               modules.addSemanticModule(new ProcessSemanticModule());

               XmlProcessReader reader = new XmlProcessReader(modules,



              reader.read(new InputStreamReader(new ByteArrayInputStream(xml


               List<org.drools.definition.process.Process> processes = reader


               WorkflowProcessImpl process = (WorkflowProcessImpl) processes.get(0);


      but some process information is lost.


      Is there any way to clone a WorkflowProcessImpl object?