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    how to obtain maven effective dependencies from an external pom ?

    Yann Albou Newbie



      I am developping a plugin in which I would like to analyse all current maven depdencies and compare them to all dependency from an external pom.

      For this I need to obtain all effective dependencies of the external pom, but how could I do it in a Forge plugin ?



      What I did, I changed the current pom parent to, temporaly, replace the parent with the external pom then save it, so that I can use the dependencyFacet.getEffectiveDependencies() method :


       Model pom = mvn.getPOM();
        Model backupPom = pom.clone();
        update = changePomParent(out, currentParent, update, depParentOfficial, lastVersion, pom);
        if (update) {
        DependencyFacet dependencyFacet = project.getFacet(DependencyFacet.class);
        officialDeps = dependencyFacet.getEffectiveDependencies();
        if (update) {


      But, as you can guess, it is not really a good solution because:

      - I have to change the current pom

      - and it add the dependencies of the current pom


      Thanks for your help