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    JSON based configuration for JBoss

    Jawwad Muzaffar Newbie



           I have successfully configured modeshape on JBoss AS 7. I am also now able to access my repository instance (sample) using JNDI. Session is created successfully and I am able to add/update data in my "sample" repository.


            Now I would like to use an external simple JSON file and an inifspan (xml) file like we can do with nornal application. Is it possible to give paths for JSON and XML files some where in any config file etc.? i.e we just place a JSON file, give its path and then JBoss can use that path as its repository? Also I am not able to find any example with latest modeshape (3.1 and above) to be configured with Tomcat 7 as JNDI


            Does anyone have any link etc. that might be helpful in any of the above scenario?



            Thanks in advance.