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    controlled async execution or MDB pool size

    Tom Eicher Newbie



      in my use case, a larger number of long-running tasks will be kicked off at once, and I want to manage their execution in a controlled manner.
      (so as not to overload only AS7 VM, but also not to saturate our network - those workers will do manual stuff over a private network line)


      One option is to use @Asynchronous workers. But can I define a "non-default" worker pool (with x threads) and tell the @Asynchronous to use that particular worker pool ?


      Another option is to use JMS Queues (actually that is closer to my use case) and define MessageDrivenBeans - but can I determine how many threads to use for the particular MDS ?
      (again, specify a thread-number for "this MDB" only, not change the AS7 default value)?

      (in ESB, this would be <jms-listener busidref="mybusid" is-gateway="false" maxThreads="5" name="mylistener"/> ...)


      Any thoughts ?

      Thanks, Tom.