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    Jboss Presenting JNLP file or Tomcat - Certificate Error Browser

    Richard Shadbolt Newbie



      I am trying to install CA signed certificates on a deployment that has tomcat and jboss installed.


      I have wto keystores - one for tomcat and the other for jboss.


      The deployment provides a jnlp file to the user for an application to be loaded onto the users PC.


      I have installed the root, intermediate and certificate - all CA signed - into both Tomcat and jboss keystores, and cacerts, yet still the IE9 browser reports the error and i have to accept the certificate.


      I have the private key password the same as the keystore password - as required on jboss documentation website, and the alias is call tomcat.


      Any ideas what this could be ?.


      Thanks and regards,