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    External Configuration Files Replication across Cluster

    Mani D Newbie



      We are using external configuration file for our application. (Note: we are not bundled with the WAR!)


      E.g. In standalone mode, this config file is kept under, [JBossInstallPath]\standalone\configuration\myapp_config\config.xml [we implemented this lookup with the help of "jboss.server.base.path" env variable]


      The problem comes when we move this setup to domain mode, my clustering setup demands always this "myapp_config" folder to be located under [JBossInstallPath]\domain\servers\my_instance\configuration\myapp_config\config.xml. [Because here "jboss.server.base.path" points till "../my_instance"]


      Our objective is not to do this manually in all other slave nodes and its instances.


      Is there any suggested mechanism is there to solve this problem by,

        1. Will JBoss automatically replicate the config files in all other nodes?

        2. Is there any other approach is available to do this stuff in better manner?


      Any help would be much appreiciable.


      Thanks in advance!