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    Resource Adapters waiting for system variable to set before getting deployed. Is it a feature?

    Nitesh Mehta Newbie

      Hi all


      We are using JBoss 7.1.1 with activemq and have configure activemq using resource adaptor as explained at http://blog.coffeebeans.at/?p=230


      In ra.xml I am using configuration propery ${BROKER_URL} which we set from code



                    The URL to the ActiveMQ server that you want this connection to connect to.  If using

                    an embedded broker, this value should be 'vm://jboss-activemq-broker'.







      In one case BROKER_URL was not getting set and I observed that activemq was not deployed

      Then I wrote one servlet to set this property and found that when we make call to this servlet to set BROKER_URL system variable, activemq get deployed.


      Is is some kind of feature that Resporce Adaptor will wiat untill system variable it is using is set?



      Thanks, Nitesh