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    How far is file access recommended in EJB ?

    mekatoka Newbie


      I have a requirement where might have to store large size files. I am trying to see whats the best option under this circumstance. I am currently using

      EJB 2.0, CMP 2.0

      ** When you want to store big size files, sometimes you can and sometimes you cant, and when you store it the database performance goes slow. Alot of people have different views, some say store to file system and some say stick to databse. I was looking for views from experts out there about this matter.

      ** I read that EJB 1.1 spec restricts from writing into a file system from ejb's. Has anything changed in EJB 2.0 or EJB 2.1 with respect to this issue ? If yes, can someone point me to the section where it talks about this matter.

      ** I was also considering JDO's .... how far is it a choosable option against entity beans when it comes to storing huge data.

      So for such a situation, which of the following are better

      (1) BMP
      (2) JDBC to store blobs directly to database rather than using CMP Create and Finder methods.
      (3) Storing to underlying filesystem
      (4) Using JDO's


      Meka Toka