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    rich:dataScroller and pagination

    ameo Novice



      is it possiblity to tell the dataScroller the number clickable pages to show ?


      If have a datatable binded with an implementation of ExtendedDataModel. Now I want to implement a true pagination with database

      operations. First I Override "getRowCount()" and implement the walk() method.


      On first display, the model ist loaded and the table occurs. I set the "rows" attribute of <rich:extendedDataTable> to 10, so I display the first 10 rows. Now I want

      to get the next 10 elements of the table, but the datascroller is disabled !!

      Because the datascroller calculates maybe the sum of all rows of the datatable?? First I thought I just have to change the getRowCount of the ExtendedDataTable, but this wont work.


      It it possible to use this component for pagination ?