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    Whether our Plugin can support JNDI

    Arun Raj Expert

      Hi Developers,


         For Our Use-Case, We guess JNDI is best than jdbc for mysql database connection.


         Based on my observation, RHQ supporting JDBC (rhq-server-4.5.1\jbossas\server\default\deploy\jms) . I we dont find any datasource for mysql (rhq-server-4.5.1\jbossas\server\default\deploy).


         If we are specifying mysql-ds.xml in the path(rhq-server-4.5.1\jbossas\server\default\deploy). Can we get JNDI database connection ? or we have to do something else ? or we cant get JNDI connection from RHQ. We guess RHQ is deployed in JBoss, So we can get JNDI database connecion in RHQ.(Is it right?)