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    hq-console : A CLI tool to query & interact with standalone instances

    Matthieu Chaplin Newbie

      Partially following up this (3 years old!) topic : https://community.jboss.org/thread/153595


      Having deployed a HornetQ production cluster for around a year - setup as standalone instances - we've written a CLI tool (based on the JMX API) to interact & manage those.


      Our goals were to :

      - Avoid requiring a fully featured JMX client to manage servers.

      - Expose only a subset of the available JMX operations.

      - Provides a clear & concise overview of a server instance state.


      So that it can be used by :

      - Services lines in charge of servers & product operations.

      - My team members, that don't necessarily have a broad knowledge of HornetQ (neither do I.. ?)


      (Background : We were previously operating OpenMQ instances & were familiar to it's CLI management tool)


      The source code has been uploaded onto GitHub, released under ASL 2.0 : https://github.com/mchaplin/hq-console


      Features scope remains limited (Query VM/Instance/Queues/Cluster status, drop queues, drop messages, drop client connection), we're gradually expanding it to fullfill our needs, drived by production incidents & services lines feedback.


      If it can be useful to anyone, feel free to check it out, i'll be happy to provide some support if needed.




      (Apologies for my english..)