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    Is this read-ahead on-find ??

    Peter Holtermann Newbie

      Hi there,
      I use Jboss-3.0.3/Oracle8i. When I call a finder method from my CMP2.0-Bean this generates two queries:
      SELECT t0_e.resourceId FROM INBOXELEMENT t0_e WHERE t0_e.userId = ?


      SELECT resourceId,userId, ..., senddate, priority FROM INBOXELEMENT WHERE (resourceId=?) OR (resourceId=?) OR (resourceId=?) ... (resourceId=?) OR (resourceId=?)
      ...and so on....

      Is this second one "read-ahead" "on-find".
      I thought this would be off by default.
      If not, how do I switch it off. (Even better would be:
      How do i switch it off by Xdoclet)