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    JBoss doesn't call ejbPostCreate

    Jan Haensli Newbie

      I have a session bean who should create a local ejb-object with the following method:

      public Integer ejbCreate(PlayerLocal playerA) throws CreateException{
      return null;
      public void ejbPostCreate(PlayerLocal playerA){
      System.out.println("setting playerA");

      As you see the method header contains a local object reference.
      I read that one should set normal fields during the ejbCreate - method. Any references should be setted in the ejbPostCreate method.
      Both fields (type and state) are setted during the call. But I never see the system output nor does JBoss sets the relationship between the player and the (created) team.

      Is it a configuration issue? Are there cases where the application server does not call the ejbPostCreate - methods?

      Does anybody know what the problem could be?