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    Jboss CMR extra column name problem

    Dheeraj Newbie

      Hi :

      I have a very simple relationship.
      UserBean <---- Login
      This is 1:1 relationship.
      I am trying to load UserBean from LoginBean.
      At the database level
      It is
      Login.UserId [FK] = User.Id
      In LoginBean I have
      setUserBean and getUserBean methods.
      I have written a EJB-QL, Where I fecth the Object of LoginBean.

      It compiles and installs very decently.
      However, when I try to invoke the EJB-QL. I get the following error in the log file.

      select id,username.....,userBean from
      Login where username = ? and password = ?

      This is a wrong SQL as there is no userBean in the Login Table.

      I tried to use this in Jboss3.0.x plus on jboss3.2.0 with Tomcat.

      Can someone please explain, why Jboss is creating a worng SQL.