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    "Attempt to get a lock for a null object in jboss-3.0.6

    raghav Newbie

      Iam struggling with a problem related to CMP.

      I had implemented local-interfaces for CMP's as a part of moving to ejb-2.0. With the these changes my application is working fine with JBoss-2.4.10.

      I wanted to upgrade to jboss-3.0.6 and when i deploy my application jars in jboss-3.0.6 i had faced excpetions saying abstrat methods should be defined for cmp-fields. To overcome these exceptions,i have added a tag <cmp-version>1.x</cmp-version> for CMP's in ejb-jar.xml . Now the deployement is fine and iam facing runtime exception "Attempt to get a lock for a null object". Iam attaching
      the exception.log and ejb-jar.xml.

      Could u please help me in this regard..

      thanks in advance